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Review – The Legacy by Katherine Webb

Posted in Historical Fiction on August 24th, 2010 by admin – 7 Comments

I really enjoy dual narrative novels although some can be more challenging than others losing the reader by flitting too much from one story to the next.  I am pleased to report that this didn’t happen to me during my reading of The Legacy and it was a very enjoyable, light read.

In the contemporary story, two sisters, Beth and Erica inherit a rambling country pile from their grandmother Meredith but the legacy has conditions, the sisters have to decide to live in the house or they lose their inheritance.  Such a twist seems typical of Meredith who has never been the most affectionate of souls and her legacy seems to provoke more grief than happiness as Beth is emotionally disturbed and Erica is convinced that the key to their happiness lies in discovering secrets long since buried in the past.  Of course things do not go to plan and raking up the past does no good at all!

The other storyline is set in the United States in the 1900s,  following the life of the girls’ great-grandmother Caroline from her debutant days in New York to her sudden marriage to Corin, a rancher in the Wild West,  a life changing marriage which does not bode well as the aristocratic Caroline fails to adapt to the life of a rancher’s wife.  None of her descendants are aware of this past as she had reinvented herself and moved to England – even more family secrets…

This is a very readable novel and for once I equally enjoyed the contemporary and the historical narratives (I usually have a penchant for the historical).  Each chapter deals with a different time period and leaves the reader on a cliff hanger but moves seamlessly to the next story – I really admire any author who manages to gel two narratives together without irritating or losing the reader along the way.   At times The Legacy is reminiscent of Kate Morton’s The House at Riverton but in style rather than plot – a great summer read, not too taxing.

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Review – Cutting For Stone – Abraham Verghese

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Cutting for Stone

At 560 pages, this isn’t a quick read but you won’t regret investing your time in reading this immensely rewarding story. It is a very readable novel, almost family saga-like in its style and one which I was very sorry to finish.

Not for the squeamish, some sections are a bit like a busy night at ER, although obviously in a less Westernised setting. Ethiopia is vibrantly described and you really feel immersed in its culture and history. Somehow the story of the twins and their perhaps far fetched, almost Thorn Birds like conception doesn’t impinge on the intense realism of this epic story which covers 50 years and several continents. The characters are all well developed and three dimensional and although the story is never overly sentimental you may need some tissues. The author doesn’t overdo the twin theme but there is something so intriguing about twins and their relationship with each other.
An intelligent and gripping story which will remain with you long after the final page has been turned – striking in its orginality and one which I will hope capture the imagination of a lot of readers.
Rating – A

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