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Choose Me – Kay Langdale

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Choose Me


Hodder & Stoughton Ltd


Source - New Books Magazine

My Rating – 4.5 stars

Kay Langdale’s latest novel tackles the issue of adoption and, in particular, what the adoption process really means for the potential adoptee.  Nine year old Billy is wise beyond his years and he knows time is running out for him as far as getting the perfect adoptive parents is concerned.  His social worker, Miriam, decides to bend the rules a little and attempts the adoption equivalent of speed-dating, quickly selecting three possible families for Billy but in the rush Billy’s viewpoint seems to be overlooked.

Billy’s  matter-of-fact attitude is mirrored by the author’s sparse, objective prose which is free from embellishment and flowery descriptions and his tale is all the more poignant as a result.  Through Billy’s eyes we see that children can be extremely insightful and able to see past all the facades we adults create to hide the cracks.  Kay Langdale is equally insightful in her ability to capture the moods and motivations of the various characters involved from the overworked social worker to the enthusiastic would-be adoptive parents, digging that bit deeper to see beneath the facade.  A touching read which is sure to provoke lots of discussion at book group.

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