Review – Cutting For Stone – Abraham Verghese

Cutting for Stone

At 560 pages, this isn’t a quick read but you won’t regret investing your time in reading this immensely rewarding story. It is a very readable novel, almost family saga-like in its style and one which I was very sorry to finish.

Not for the squeamish, some sections are a bit like a busy night at ER, although obviously in a less Westernised setting. Ethiopia is vibrantly described and you really feel immersed in its culture and history. Somehow the story of the twins and their perhaps far fetched, almost Thorn Birds like conception doesn’t impinge on the intense realism of this epic story which covers 50 years and several continents. The characters are all well developed and three dimensional and although the story is never overly sentimental you may need some tissues. The author doesn’t overdo the twin theme but there is something so intriguing about twins and their relationship with each other.
An intelligent and gripping story which will remain with you long after the final page has been turned – striking in its orginality and one which I will hope capture the imagination of a lot of readers.
Rating – A

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