The Coldest Girl in Coldtown – Holly Black

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown



Indigo (an Imprint of Orion Children’s)


My Rating
3.5 stars

Vampires aren’t usually my thing and I have managed to avoid all the Twilight, True Blood hybrids but I do have a soft spot for vampires with a twist, something which sets them apart from the mundane, everyday bloodsucker.  Thus I enjoyed Justin Cronin’s Passage series and there’s a little spark in this latest YA novel from Holly Black which stirred my interest.

Holly Black injects vitality into her story with the concept of Coldtowns – walled cities where humans and vampires co-exist in a world which is simultaneously glamorous and grotesque.  Here, vampires are lauded and treated like A-Listers with their debauchery streamed to the outside world 24/7.   Tana finds herself thrust into this seedy world when she is scratched by a vampire and she decides to face a period of quarantine in Coldtown rather than endanger her friends and family.  She is accompanied by her ex, Aidan,  a rather unpredictable vampire, Gavriel and a couple of hangers on.  The story revolves around their experiences in Coldtown.

The world-building is extremely accomplished and it is a breath of fresh air for YA vampire literature but unfortunately the emphasis on back story and information leads to a rather slow pace.  There are some fabulous descriptive scenes where the author captures the true gore of the vampire society but I found the characters less engaging.   Tana and Aidan seem quite one-dimensional with Gavriel provoking  some interest with his mysterious background covering centuries.

I’m not sure if this is the beginning of a series or not.  As a series opener it’s not a bad start but as a stand-alone it left me quite cold…

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  1. Joanne says:

    I’ve had White Cat by Holly Black on my TBR list for ages. I haven’t read anything else by her, though I know she’s quite prolific.

  2. Teresa says:

    I’ve heard of that series, Joanne. She has written quite a few series including The Spiderwick Chronicles.

  3. Lainy SMBSLT says:

    I like the sound of this as I do enjoy vampire books but not a fan of slow paced


  4. Annabel says:

    I might enjoy this one. I’ve not read Holly Black, although we enjoyed the Spiderwick Chronicles film.

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