Indiscretion – Charles Dubow

Indiscretion by Charles Dubow



Blue Door


My Rating
5 stars, I was gripped throughout!


When I saw this novel billed as The Great Gatsby meets The Secret History, I was immediately on the offensive;  surely the publisher is laying this innocent little debut out in the open for the vultures/critics to swoop and attack.   Fortunately I was proven wrong.  This is no timid, halting debut, this is a meaty, powerful read rightfully brimful of confidence and swagger with characters striding off the page and almost taking over your life.

Yes, it’s an age-old tale – long married couple positively aglow with happiness meet their match in the shape of a young, lithe maiden who adores the charismatic author husband.   As in The Great Gatsby, the story is related by a longstanding friend of the glittering couple.   At first I wondered if this would work as how could Walter possibly know all the subtleties of an emerging affair, the clandestine meetings but it works very well as Charles Dubow is in constant control of the characters and plot.  The result is an outstanding read, so compelling you will hesitate to put the book down.

It’s an easy read in terms of the language used but  the simplicity of idiom belies the complexity and emotional turmoil of     these characters.  Sometimes privileged characters irk me with their sense of entitlement but the Wilmslows are likeable, flawed folk and their story will engross you.  My favourite read so far this year and a very strong contender for my book of the year – highly recommended!

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  1. Angi says:

    I totally agree with you about publishers using phrases like ‘X favourite novel’ meets ‘Y favourite novel’ and raising readers’ expectations to an inappropriate level.
    But this one does sound like a cracking read, so perhaps I’ll forgive them!

  2. admin says:

    I must admit I’m guilty of it myself, Angi, having said of The Bellwether Revivals, it’s Brideshead Revisited meets The Secret History but then I’m not a publisher, just a common reader…

  3. Sounds intriguing! Thanks for bringing this book to my attention!

  4. Annabel says:

    That really appeals to me – can’t wait to read it now, if you loved it that much.

  5. Charlie says:

    Yes, those ‘meets’ can be difficult, especially when nowhere near true. It sounds an interesting read, and complex, too.

  6. Teresa says:

    Andi and Annabel, hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I don’t usually enjoy novels with extra-marital affairs but this one was exceptional.

  7. Marie says:

    Strong praise indeed! I love The Secret History, not so keen on Gatsby but either way it sounds like a cracking read. This is a new title to me, will have to keep an eye out for it.

  8. I was first drawn to this one after reading your review Treez, didn’t realise I hadn’t left a comment at the time. Thank you for commenting on my review, as you know I thought it was brilliant too! Thank you for drawing my attention to it!

  9. Teresa says:

    It hasn’t had a lot of buzz in the UK…yet! Noticed a lovely copy in Portugal recently. :-)

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