Silent Noon – Trilby Kent

Silent Noon


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4 stars

Silent Noon is Trilby Kent’s second novel for adults.  It is set in 1953, in a boarding school on the remote island of Lindsey in the North Sea.  Fourteen year old Londoner  Barney Holland hopes his life will improve when he is offered a place at Carding House School.  Abandoned by his mother and cared for erratically by a mostly absent step-dad, he longs for stability and security.  He and fellow “outsider”, Belinda Flood who has been expelled from another school, find themselves under the spell of Ivor Morrell, a Senior pupil who makes his own rules.

Kent’s characters aren’t particularly likeable but they are certainly memorable.  You feel the anguish of the newcomer, Barney, socially estranged from his classmates and cut adrift from his family.  The island itself seems imbued with sadness and tragedy, making it difficult for this post-war generation to forge their own destinies.  You sense the burden of the sacrifice made by their predecessors weighing heavily on the shoulders of the post-war youth.

This is a very compelling read which will engage those who enjoy literary fiction and I’m sure it will provoke a lot of discussion for reading groups.

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