The Secret Life of William Shakespeare – Jude Morgan

The Secret Life of William Shakespeare


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My Rating – 3 stars

I loved A Taste of Sorrow, Jude Morgan’s wonderful novel about the Brontes and hoped to be similarly thrilled by this window onto the world of William Shakespeare.  Unfortunately the view is rather blurred, to the point of opacity and I was left feeling slightly bewildered and convinced I must have missed something which was so obvious to other readers….so I waited a month before reviewing, thinking that I’d soon experience some sort of epiphany, a dawn of understanding but nope…it didn’t arrive.

If Shakespeare remains elusive and reclusive, we at least have some interesting snippets via Morgan’s portrayal of Kit Marlowe and Ben Jonson.  Anne Hathaway captured my attention also, a feisty lady whose stoicism allows her to survive extended time with the in-laws, raise a family, all with her husband living away from home.  Unfortunately these characters weren’t enough to hold my interest in a novel whose central character remains not only enigmatic (enigmas can be interesting!) but extremely dull and dispassionate.

Overall, a disappointing read for me.  I should really stick with the Brontes as they rarely disappoint me!

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  1. It’s a shame this was a disappointment, I’ve been considering it for a while. I’ll try Morgan’s book about the Bronte’s instead!

  2. Teresa says:

    I’m out of sync with most other reviewers who really enjoyed it, Sam. If I had felt I learned something about Shakespeare the man I might have had a more engaging reading experience.

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