Itch – Simon Mayo



Doubleday Children’s Books

My Rating – 4 stars – pleasantly surprised…

To be completely truthful, I didn’t expect much of Itch, falling prey to prejudices about celebrities turning their hand to writing but I thoroughly enjoyed this entertaining adventure story.

Fourteen year old Itchingham Lofte (what a fabulous name!)is science mad and has a tendency to blow up things as a hobby – that explains the missing eyebrows then… He’s determined to collect all the elements of the periodic table and he has used an array of ingenious methods to pursue his scientific quest. Alienated from most of his classmates, he hangs out with his cousin Jack (Jacqueline) and his younger sister, Chloe, both of whom have endless reserves of patience – an essential trait when dealing with the unpredictable and unconventional Itch. When a previously undiscovered element ends up in Itch’s hands, all hell breaks loose as both good and evil factions strive to obtain this extremely powerful substance.

This is an extremely impressive action-packed debut and ideal for any young person with even a slight interest in science. Itch isn’t a typical young hero – he’s not into being the alpha-male, gung-ho type reinacting Call of Duty – he’s a charming, loveable nerd whose scientific escapades thoroughly engage the reader.

Itch appealed to the slightly nerdish side of my personality and Chemistry continues to fascinate me even though I took a more literary route post-16. I think a lot of 11+ boys and girls will identify with and be charmed by Itch – looking forward to reading more of this series.

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