Don’t Let Me Go – Catherine Ryan Hyde

Don’t Let Me Go is set in LA, where 10 year old Grace lives with her drug addict mum in a run down area.  The inhabitants of her appartment block are folk who keep themselves to themselves, not wishing to engage in a neighbourly way (par for the course these days!).  When Grace is in danger of being taken into care, she decides to enlist the help of this motley crew to get her mum clean but how can she break down emotional barriers which her neighbours have taken a lifetime to build?

This book really surprised me as I initially thought I’d find it too saccharine – lilac coloured covers tend to influence me, in a negative way!   I also thought that Grace would be an overbearing, irritating character who would drive me mad.  So much for first impressions….within a few pages, I was hooked and dragged headfirst into the story.  Each and every character is fully fleshed and each one has their own foibles and flaws, just like the rest of us.  It’s more than the story of Grace and her crusade, it’s about their own personal battles.  Billy Shine, reclusive on a par with Howard Hughes, gradually emerges from his shell.   Rayleen, who has had her own history with child protection, knows that she and her neighbours are Grace’s last hope but it won’t be an easy ride.

Don’t Let Me Go is an extremely readable, colourful, feel-good tale which will give you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside without overdosing on the twee factor.  A perfect antidote to the dark Autumn evenings!

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  1. vivienne says:

    I didn’t realise you had a blog! You didn’t have one before did you? I shall be back. I have a book by this author which I haven’t actually read. This one sounds brilliant.

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