The Devil Walks – Anne Fine

“The Devil Walks” is a gothic thriller for older children and just the right kind of book to curl up  with as the nights draw in.  Our tale is narrated by Daniel who has spent his childhood years sequestered in his bedroom, a reclusive invalid cared for by his widowed mother.  However, all is not as it seems, it turns out that Daniel’s background is shrouded in secrecy and as his story progresses, we discover what dark and dastardly skeletons lurk in the family vaults.

I’m deliberately not giving away any of the plot – suffice to say that those who love a touch of gothic will be very impressed this wonderfully eerie tale.  Family secrets, a mysterious dolls house, a psychotic uncle holed up in a creepy old house – everything to tempt the Gothic gourmand!

Daniel is a really engaging character, not one for snivelling and whinging, he just gets on with things and is determined to discover what motivated his mother to hide him away from the world.  Each revelation serves to further increase his emotional turmoil.  His uncle Severin is evil personified, switching between benevolent and malevolent at the drop of a hat. 

The plot moves swiftly with lots of twists and turns and the language is exquisite, ideally suited to the period setting but not too convoluted as to dissuade young readers.  An extremely well crafted, atmospheric tale which will appeal to all ages.

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  1. I’m on the lookout for gothic fiction, and I like the name of this. Knowing about the author’s other books recommends it too! There is something about doll houses in books, they’re so often used to very good effect.

  2. Treez says:

    Dolls houses give me the creeps, Charlie and this one is particularly creepy! Hope you enjoy it whenever you get your mitts on it. :-)

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