The Secrets Between Us – Louise Douglas

This is my second book choice from The Transworld Reading Challenge and, I’m delighted to say, another good selection.  I haven’t read any of Louise Douglas’ back catalogue as I am not usually fond of “romance” novels but the comparisons with Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca attracted me to this, her latest novel.

Sarah has experienced more than her fair share of misfortune recently and she hopes to find some tranquility when she joins her sister and her brother in law for a holiday in Sicily but instead she discovers Alexander and his young son, Jamie.  The mysterious Genevieve,  Alexander’s “perfect” wife, has apparently vanished off the face of the earth but Sarah is smitten with Alexander and Jamie and she jumps at the chance of a new romance and a new life with them in sleepy Burrington Stoke.  However, there are too many secrets and unsolved mysteries for life to run smoothly.

I really enjoyed this riveting story, full of twists and turns and found it hard to put down.   Sarah’s friends and family are convinced that she has set herself up for a fall and Alexander does little to prove them wrong.  There is a ghostly feel to the story, Sarah is haunted by her own past and also feels the presence of Genevieve at Avalon.  You’re kept on the edge of your seat, constantly wondering who is the real villain of the piece.  Yes, you have to suspend disbelief at times but this is such a gripping storyline, who really cares – the more fantastical elements are neatly balanced by vivid, fleshed out characters.  An absorbing read from a very talented storyteller.

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  1. This is my fourth selection from the Transworld challenge and after reading your review I’m really looking forward to receiving it!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for dropping by, Sam. I see you enjoyed The Sandalwood Tree as much as I did, there have been some fabulous selections from Transworld. :-)

  3. Loved it. I agree with you that while it’s gripping you have to suspend belief, but it’s so worth it!

  4. Treez says:

    Charlie, I’ve been really pleased with the Transworld Challenge books so far, here’s hoping that the others are equally unputdownable!

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