The Crowfield Demon – Pat Walsh

Having really enjoyed the first Crowfield book last year, I was eager to catch up with William and the rest of the inhabitants of Crowfield Abbey including Brother Walter, the endearing hob and the enigmatic fay Shadlock.

It is now March 1348 and a year has passed since the shenanigans involving the fallen angel in the woods and the subsequent battle between good and evil.  Surely, peace will now reign in this cloistered domain but alas, there is no rest for the wicked given the evil aura which seems to be settling over the church at Crowfield, tainting the inhabitants’ thoughts be they awake or asleep.

William, Brother Walter, Shadlock and Brother Snail join forces to track down the source of this malevolence and hopefully conquer it.  However they cannot do this without drawing on pagan powers such as alchemy – where will it all end?  As usual, the rest of the monks look down on William and don’t take his warnings seriously – yes, they will regret it!

Pat Walsh has succeeded in keeping up the pace of her first Crowfield novel, cranking up the tension and increasing the mystery of William’s family, leaving the reader chomping at the bit for the next instalment in this exciting medieval fantasy.  Highly recommended for ages 9-12 and “big kids” too!

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  1. Lainy says:

    Is it a sequel or can read as a stand alone? Great review as always Treez x

  2. Treez says:

    You could read it as a stand-alone Lainy but I think you’d have a better, richer reading experience if you read The Crowfield Curse first. They’re suitable for about 10+, quick and easy reads and also suitable for “big kids” as I already said! ;-)

  3. stujallen says:

    must say I love the cover of this book ,not hundred percent it is my type of book ,but love the cover and maybe one for nephews ,all the best stu

  4. Treez says:

    Probably not for you, Stu but, yes, a great medieval adventure story with a touch of fantasy for 9+.

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