The Truth about Celia Frost – Paula Rawsthorne

Celia Frost lives her life in constant fear of bleeding to death.  Born with a rare blood disorder, the slightest scratch could have fatal consequences and Celia leads a hermit-like existence, her only company being her over-protective mother, Janice.  They have led a nomadic life but, following a knife attack on Celia, they suddenly flee to Bluebell Estate (not quite the rural idyll the name implies) and Celia embarks on a quest for the truth about her condition, with devastating consequences.

This debut novel is sure to engage young teens with its gripping storyline and feisty heroine.  It’s refreshing to read a gritty, realistic story for Young Adults with not a vampire or dystopian landscape within spitting distance.  The many twists and turns in the plot will keep readers captivated until the very last page – highly recommended for young fans of  fast-paced, realistic narratives.

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