Lovely Additions 30th March 2010

I have 3 reviews to do so, rather than do them, I headed out to the hairdressers and had a wander around Oxfam and War on Want bookshops nearby afterwards.  The weather was so miserable, not snow but torrential rain, that I just had to treat myself to a few books…ahem…

I have several wishlists at different locations online but, unlike some of my bookish friends, I don’t bring them with me on book  hunting  jaunts and I tend to hunt down my beloved prey instinctively, going with my gut reaction – can’t you  just picture me now skulking round the shelves, ready to pounce!

So, what did my instincts tell me today…

First to be seized was A Tree Grows in Brooklyn – Betty Smith.  This is one of those books about which I have heard so many good things, yet I’m not sure if I know anyone who has read it.  It will be interesting to see how this Brooklyn compares with Colm Toibin’s version. 

Having found little else to titilate me in Oxfam, I swiftly moved onto my next hunting ground, War On Want – which  had plenty to tempt me.  I had 20 minutes in which to peruse the shelves and make any purchases, it was like the trolley dash in Supermarket Sweep and for my efforts I was rewarded with…

The Magic Toyshop – Angela Carter.  I have Fireworks and Wise Children TBR but haven’t read any Angela Carter yet, my only experiences of her being the film, The Company of Wolves, based on one of her stories.  I must address this lapse very soon.

Cooking With Fernet Branca – James Hamilton-Paterson, the first in the Gerald Samper series.  I first heard of this comic fiction writer via a bookish friend, Charlotte who enjoyed the third in this series, Rancid Pansies.  The latter title intrigued me so much I had to seek out the first in the trilogy.  I have an odd sense of humour at times so I hope I do find this series entertaining.

I also acquired two children’s books for me to read first and then pass on to Luke and Eva, Nevermore – Linda Newberry and Montmorency – Eleanor Updale.  Maybe I’m having some sort of mid-life crisis but I am really enjoying children’s books these days, such a much wider variety of books available these days.

Next in the book bag was Being Emily – Anne Donovan – the jury seems to be out on whether the Scottish dialect has a negative effect on the writing or not – I think I’ll do just fine.

Last but not least, I couldn’t just pass by the table of hardbacks for £1 each, that would have been rude, surely?  So, I am now the proud owner of The Hour I First Believed - Wally Lamb (the only one of my purchases which was actually on my wishlist!).  I really enjoyed She’s Come  Undone, have I  Know this Much is True TBR and, weighing in at 730 pages, this is another weighty tome but one to which I’m really looking forward.  My last hardback was a lovely copy of The Henry Root Letters which I was within touching distance of in a book swap which failed several years ago but now fate has smiled on me and placed it in my eager hands. 

Have you read any of the above, have any opinions on them (positive or negative or just bleh..).  Do you find it easier to resist books than I do?  Do you really want to be cured of book addiction???

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  1. Laura says:

    Treez – Great haul! In answer to your questions, no and no – why on earth would you want to be cured of such a lovely harmless addiction. : )

  2. admin says:

    Thank you, Laura, I am reminded of that Louisa May Alcott quote “She is too fond of books and it has turned her brain” – hark, I hear the men in white coats approaching… :-)

  3. Jenny Wilson says:

    I have A Tree Grows in Brooklyn on my wishlist, just because I am obssesed with New York. I also love Kids books I am nto Jacqueline Wilson and Enid Blyton books

  4. admin says:

    I just hope it’s not too schmaltzy for me, Jenny! I will have to be in the right mood to read it – same with a lot of my books – good job I have a lot to choose from. ;-)

  5. Elaine Dingsdale says:

    Re Anne Donovan. Haven’t read this one, but loved “Buddha Da”. The dialect is challenging at times (even for me), but it works, in a connovulted way.

  6. admin says:

    I like a challenge, Elaine but it did make me smile when I noticed that all the 5 star reviews for this on Amazon were from Scottish folk! Anyway, maybe my Celtic origins will help me a little.

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