Eva’s Eight Picks for Spring

Eva is very keen to become involved here and is a proper little bibliophile at 6 so she has selected her top books for reading this Spring. 

Alice in Wonderland – Ladybird Classics (we saw Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland in 3d yesterday so it will be interesting  to compare and contrast the two!  We also have a lovely edition illustrated by Helen Oxenbury but with slightly more difficult language, one to keep for the future.

Our World Book Day freebie, Magic Ballerina, The Magic Dance – Darcey Bussell and Kitten Chaos – Anna Wilson.

The Pain and the Great One, Soupy Saturdays – Judy Blume – surprisingly low on fluffiness, fairies and furry animals but seems to strike a chord with its friendly sibling rivalry and humour.

Danielle the Daisy Fairy – Daisy Meadows – I’m not sure when the Rainbow Fairy phase will be phased out, I think there are 100+ books in the series so hopefully we will not have amasssed the whole collection…

Princess Poppy – The Fashion Princess – Janey Louise Jones.  What little girl could resist these candy coloured books where the script matches the cover – pale pink pages, dark pink writing.  I think we have the complete series now.

Not Quite a Mermaid – Mermaid Tricks – Linda Chapman.  A relatively easy read but good for emerging readers plus we have just started Linda Chapman’s Secret Unicorn series and it looks very promising.

Sam the Stolen Puppy – Holly Webb.  Part of the appeal of this series is the predictable plot so Eva can enjoy reading them without being distracted by complicated storylines plus negotiations are presently underway re acquiring a four footed friend – could be a long process!

And last but certainly not least Magic Bunny – Chocolate Wishes – Sue Bentley and apparently there is a Magic Ponies, Puppies and Kittens series – thank heavens for our local library and online reservation.

You will have noticed there is a preponderance of pink, princesses and general fluffiness but I’m just pleased she is so into reading.  For Easter I have ordered a book set each  for her and Luke.  Eva is getting Sally Gardner’s Magical Children series and Luke is getting an Usborne set of True Stories including tales of prison escapes, spies and WWI and WWII.  Don’t worry, the Easter Bunny will bring them some eggs so they won’t be deprived!

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  1. SazzyMCH says:

    Love the choices! I think I got “Someone” The Drum Fairy for a friends daughter last year and was amazed at how many there were!!! Well done Eva – keep up the good work xx

  2. admin says:

    Eva says thank you kindly ma’am and wonders that you didn’t say “good job”!! We read a Ladybird adaptation of The Secret Garden last night, amazing how many memories these books bring back – ah the good old days…

  3. SazzyMCH says:

    Give it time! I may even throw in the “A” word when praising in future…………….

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