Review – What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty

I don’t really do chick-lit or even hen-lit (apparently aimed at more mature women!) so I was rather surprised to be so engaged by What Alice Forgot.

It was the plot which initially attracted me – 39 year old woman falls and bangs her head during an enthusiastic workout gym (as you do..) and subsequently loses all memory of the previous ten years.  Thus Alice has forgotten some rather momentous events including the birth of her 3 children and her transformation from a slightly dippy ingenue to the supermum figure groomed to within an inch of her life whilst virtually running the school via the PTA.  As the story unfolds Alice learns that becoming a supertoned, superorganised mum comes at a price and that she’s become estranged from those who were previously closest to her.

Okay, it’s predictable and a bit corny at times and you do have to suspend disbelief but it certainly makes you think about how ten years can really change a person and how external pressures can make married life with children a less than perfect life.  Alice has fallen out with so many people and has surrounded herself with superficial ninnies but now she has a chance to put it right.

Now I’m making it sound a bit like a self-help book when it really has a lot of comic moments.  The Australian setting makes a refreshing change from the usual chick lit and it’s a light-hearted, entertaining, honest story.  I’m not saying I’m totally converted but within the genre this is a very good read.

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  1. Charlie says:

    This is a book I’m not sure I want to read or not, which is unusual. I like the idea but it sounds like something that’s been done before. I didn’t know it was set in Australia, though. That does make a difference.

  2. admin says:

    It seems it has been done before countless times – other reviews refer to Sophie Kinsella (of whom I know nothing..) but it was fresh for me which probably increased my enjoyment.

  3. The one sounds fun! Done before -sure – but fun nonetheless!

  4. admin says:

    Colleen, I am still surprised by how much I liked it, I might be a convert to chick lit after all! ;-)

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