Review – Ondine – Ebony McKenna

Format: Paperback 336 pages


Egmont Books Ltd




Not your typical boy meets girl story but rather, girl meets enchanted ferret, falls in love and strives to break the spell which has transformed him from handsome young man into hirsute pet.

Ondine de Groot, our 15 year old heroine, runs away from Psychic Summer Camp accompanied by her new acquaintance, Shambles, the ferret. Ondine returns home to her family and discovers en route that Shambles can speak albeit with a strong Scottish accent and,at times, incomprehensible dialect (Fear not, there are ample footnotes which provide translation).
Yes, this is quite a sweet fairy tale romance but it is very much enhanced and fortified by the inclusion of Shambles whose humour and wit is great comedy value. The footnotes also provide an air of authenticity, providing more information about Ondine’s fictional hometown Brugel and frequent comic asides.
Against this fairytale background we witness the very realistic representation of a teenage crush, family conflicts and sibling rivalry. Ondine is a clever, independent young lady who knows what she wants in life but achieves her aims without veering too far from the straight and narrow.
This is a fun, romantic, well written read which would appeal to young girls aged 12+ who enjoy intelligent and witty writing.
Thank you to Waterstones for sending me this proof for review.

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  1. What a lovely review! I agree this is such a fun, witty story. It is a quirky magical romance and I really enjoyed it. I agree that it is perfect for the target audience.

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