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Luke and Eva’s Current Reads

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My poor children have been seriously neglected on the blog what with Luke starting “big”school and Eva going into P4 but they have been busy reading too!  Here are some of their most recent reads as well as some which are on the wishlist for Autumn.

Quite an eclectic mix from Eva, the Morpurgo and Anne Fine books are ones I have been reading to her at bedtime but fairies and occasionally mermaids are still very popular!  I particularly like The Angel of Nitshill Road and the subtle way it deals with bullying.

It’s her birthday in mid-October so I have already gathered a few surprise book gifts to  accompany the main present…of course this is all top secret at the moment!  As the new Wimpy Kid book isn’t out  until November it won’t be part of the birthday present but will certainly be pre-ordered.

Meanwhile Luke has been enjoying the latest Skulduggery Pleasant book, Death Bringer and is looking forward to the new Charlie Higson, The Fear.  I am kept busy researching suitable titles for him, thank goodness we have two excellent library branches nearby!   Below are some of his most recent, current and soon TBR books.

Oh and last but not least, a special mention for a very funny book which kept both of them entertained on holiday in Kildare,  The Donut Diaries of Dermot Milligan, “a British Diary of a Wimpy Kid” with tons of toilet humour.  It’s great when I can find a book they both like which strikes a happy medium between zombies and fairies! 

I love to hear what other folk’s children/grandchildren/younger siblings are reading so if you have any recommendations just shout! :-)

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Luke and Eva’s Christmas Picks

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Santa usually brings a few books as well as the usual annuals so Luke and Eva have chosen a few books for your delectation, some of which they already own, some of which are on their wish lists (and mine too, if I’m perfectly honest!)

He’s a complex man our Santa, a would-be international man of mystery.  Admit it, you’ve always wondered what he gets up to the other 364 days of the year – well the wait is over and all will be revealed to both young and slightly older, in my own case…

It’s not often I find a book which fires the imagination of both my 7 year old daughter and my 10 year old son but this modern twist on Santa’s secret life has done just that.  Indeed there are a lot of laughs for the Mums and Dads too, I particularly liked this gem -

“I can’t stand mince pies, ” said Santa.

“What? But everyone knows you love mince pies…don’t you?” said Jingle, not quite believing what he was hearing.

“Never have, never will.  I don’t trust them.” said Santa gravely. “They promise mince…and deliver fruit.  They are the liars of the pudding world, and I don’t like liars.”

A rollicking, fun read for all the family to get you into the festive mood and to entertain the little ones while you’re engrossed in endless wrapping…

My daughter has just joined the Brownies and absolutely loves it, including the rather snazzy uniform.  Therefore it was very serendipitous that we discovered this Brownie themed Christmas read recently.  This is the seventh in the Brownies series by Caroline Plaisted but a new one to us and I was delighted to find a new series to engross my daughter, particularly one which does not involve fairies of different hues!

The activities are all very true to life and this is an excellent read for any girl aged 7-9 who is involved in the Brownies.  We’re looking forward to collecting the rest of the series.

Eva and I are ardent Daisy fans right from the early days of Eat Your Peas so this Christmas themed book was guaranteed to please.  As usual it has an accessible print and is filled with wonderful illustrations which makes it an ideal transition from picture books for independent reading – although I do love sharing this at bedtime. 

Daisy’s life is never straightforward and she gets in trouble more often than not, especially when she has her own ideas about how to organise a Christmas Nativity.  She reminds me of a more modern version of Dick King Smith’s  Sophie who had similar entertainment value for Eva.

Highly recommended for independent readers aged 7+ and for bedtime reading.

This one has only recently come to our attention and is at the top of our wish list, I imagine it will be acquired before the week is out!  Whilst we do enjoy the original version of The Night Before Christmas by Clement Moore, this looks enticing with its more modern interpretation and inclusion of wit and humour.

Other favourites include -

Do you have any other recommendations to add to our collection?  

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Luke’s Books 1

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My almost 10 year old son, Luke, hasn’t really had a “look” in here so here’s a selection of his recent acquistions.

For Easter I got him a wonderful set of 10 Usborne True Stories, some of which are shown on the left.  He is currently intrigued by anything to do with World War II, guns, warships, spies and this set are ideal for age 9-12 – he is dipping in and out of 4 of the titles at the moment!  His Granny (prompted by me) gave him Jo Nesbo’s Doctor Proctor’s Fart Powder – I’m not entirely sure if some men ever grow out of toilet humour – ahem!   Recent charity shop finds included 2 excellent DK information books about warships and aircraft (can’t beat 50p each for like new books!) and Jeremy Strong’s My Granny’s Great Escape – Jeremy Strong can do no wrong is my motto!

Luke has two current fiction reads (more than I could manage, I’m a strictly monogamous reader…),  Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy is his in school read although he also reads it at home using the copy from my TBR pile – I love the fact we can read the same books now. :-) – and Operation Typhoon Shore by Joshua Mowll, the second in the Guild of Specialists trilogy.  The latter is a fabulous book for boys of Luke’s age who like adventure and possibly lean more towards non-fiction thanks to its presentation as it is more like an artefact than a work of fiction, with lots of realia including maps, photographs, newspaper clippings and other information.   It reminded me of The Selected Works of T S Spivet by Reif Larsen but it has a lot more action!

Last but not least, Luke got half of a prize I won from Lucy Coat’s blog , two of the Greek Beasts and Heroes series, The Monster in the Maze and The Magic Head – these are beautifully illustrated short adaptations of Greek myths, a subject which has always attracted me and you really can’t beat a bit of Minotaur when it comes to attracting boys to books!  (sorry, that was not meant to sound sexist..).  Eva has claimed the more girly parts of the prize,  if Greek myths can ever be considered girly..but it proves a welcome change from fairies and magic rabbits and unicorns…  Lucy was also kind enough to individually dedicate each book to them and the fact they were delivered in separate parcels addressed to them individually was a very welcome bonus – thank you again, Lucy. :-) 

Just to add that I’ve just discovered Philip Reeve’s Mortal Engines series today after seeing his latest book nominated for the Carnegie Medal – I think these would be right up Luke’s street – yay! 

I’m always interesed to read what other folk’s children, pupils, grandchildren, nephews, nieces etc are reading so any suggestions/comments are very much appreciated. :-)  And if you have any specific recommendations for 9-12 boys who have an aversion to Harry Potter and any of those other wizardish books, please let us know…ps I like HP myself…

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